Disclaimer for Amber Silva and

All customers purchasing a macrame wall hanging unit with or without a shelf takes full responsibility in hanging it up safely and securely on the wall. Proper care and attention need put into hanging the macrame piece firmly and safely on the wall. Amber Silva and https://macrameloveart.yolasite.com/ are not liable or responsible if a macrame wall hanging piece is not securely and properly attached to the wall resulting in someone being injured or property being damaged. The customer is agreeing to all liability and responsibility in hanging the macrame piece safely and securely to the wall. After making a payment the customer takes full responsibility for hanging the piece safely, securely, and responsibly to the wall. It is not recommended to hang a macrame wall hanging shelf over a bed or in a place where it could fall on someone sleeping. Please contact Amber Silva with questions about hanging a macrame wall hanging unit.

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For custom orders please email me at ambersilva1@hotmail.com